Our Programs

As a duo, The Rice Brothers, we share a wide variety of special programs with our audiences, as noted below. We perform in a range of settings, including concert halls, churches, schools and private homes. Each of us also performs as a soloist with orchestras. We particularly enjoy the intimate setting of the house concert, in the Salon tradition of Chopin and Liszt.


Chopin’s Heart, Your Heart ™

This is our signature “concert and conversation” … we begin by sharing the deeply moving story of Chopin’s heart. Next, we perform Chopin’s glorious music, carefully set into the historical context established by such sources as Chopin’s letters, Franz Liszt’s book “The Life of Chopin,” penned shortly after Chopin’s death, and the recollections of Chopin’s friends, colleagues and students. We also play the music of other composers whose works bear a strong relationship, including a historical relationship, to “Chopin’s world.” And finally, we address the universal implications of Chopin’s life and music, including for the lives of the folks in attendance!

Vienna: Then and Now — from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven to Kropfitsch

Vienna has been called the City of Music because it has been home to so many great composers, such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and, in our modern era, Kropfitsch! Johannes Kropfitsch is the brilliant composer, pianist and teacher who is currently Director of Piano at The Vienna Conservatory, and his Sonata for Cello and Piano has quickly become one of our favorite pieces to perform. We had the great honor and privilege of presenting the American premiere of this work during our recent (November of 2014) Carnegie Hall debut!

Paris: Intimacy and Impressionism

This program features works ranging from the intimacy of the Salon culture of Chopin and Liszt to the Impressionism of Debussy and Ravel.

Chopin and Rachmaninoff: The Music of the Exiles

This program has a special emphasis on the music of these two great composers whose lives were shaped by their exile from their homelands.

Americana: Gershwin, Ragtime and Boogie-Woogie

We share a range of the greatest music written in the United States, including George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

Individualized programs, designed for you

We have listed only a few of the programs we have designed and performed. Our repertoire is extensive, ranging from Bach to Prokofiev and beyond. We strive to create programs tailored to individual interests and to a particular audience. We invite you to contact us with your ideas and inquiries.