The Rice Brothers, Johnny & Chris

We are “The Rice Brothers,” Johnny and Chris. We are young Polish-American musicians. Each of us plays the piano, and each of us plays the cello. We have performed extensively from coast to coast in the United States, in New York City, including our 2014 Carnegie Hall debut, and in such places as Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. In Europe, we have performed in Poland, where we were the featured artists at the June 2014 World Music Day celebration in Warsaw; and in Austria, Germany, and Hungary. We were awarded our Carnegie Hall debut following each of us having been named a gold medalist at an international Chopin piano competition. In our performances we feature a blend of classical music, Gospel, jazz, ragtime and Boogie Woogie. We usually perform together as a duo, but also love being soloists with orchestras. In addition, we understand, and are deeply committed to, the extent to which music can bring profound benefits to individuals, and to the broader community, with regard to such issues as health, education, and even the effective resolution of conflict. Toward these ends, we have formed a corporation, The Beautiful Music Possibility, LLC.


Johnny & Chris with Chopin in Łazienki Park, Warsaw, Poland

Video highlights from our recent performances:


Chopin’s Heart, Your Heart ™

This is our signature “concert and conversation” … we begin by sharing the deeply moving story of Chopin’s heart. Next, we perform Chopin’s glorious music, carefully set into the historical context established by such sources as Chopin’s letters, Franz Liszt’s book “The Life of Chopin,” penned shortly after Chopin’s death, and the recollections of Chopin’s friends, colleagues and students. We also play the music of other composers whose works bear a strong relationship, including a historical relationship, to “Chopin’s world.” And finally, we address the universal implications of Chopin’s life and music, including for the lives of the folks in attendance!